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  • BEWARE!!! YOU AND YOUR PROPERTY ARE NOT SAFE HERE!!!While the property is attractive, be very wary of staying here. My main complaint? Security, or rather the lack of it. I stayed there over a weekend to attend a wedding (of a relative of the owner, no less!) and my laptop was stolen out of my room. Now you might say this was just bad luck, but consider this...my room was the most remote from the entrances, and several rooms closer to the entrance, which were also booked for the wedding and were therefore empty at the time of the robbery, were untouched. Sounds like an inside job? I thought so too, especially considering that nothing else in the room was touched -- the thieves must have known that my laptop was there and that the room was empty. Now is where I get especially unlucky...the management claims that they have no liability (based on a single statement on a sign at the reception desk, disavowing liability), and that my computer was too old to have any value. Now, in retrospect, I realize that there was no security in place at all...no cameras, no guards, door locks that are 20 years old, and no control over who comes and goes. The management was very sympathetic and helpful at the beginning, e.g., in filing the police report, and they provided the police the name and address of a construction worker who was on duty that day and was working in the space immediately adjacent to my room, but once the police turned up nothing incriminating, the management washed their hands of the whole matter. I had asked the manager to post a reward for the return of the computer -- he never did. I asked the manager, out of respect for the fact that the cleaning ladies confirmed that my laptop was in the room an hour after I left the hotel, and further out of respect for the fact that I was attending a wedding of his cousin, to accept some responsibility (I proposed we split the value of the old computer -- not even the replacement cost) and now he ignores my emails. Making this whole ordeal especially unpleasant is the realization that the hotel could have spent $200 on some security equipment at Costco which would have saved me the loss of a lot of irreplaceable photos and documents, not to mention the time wasted recovering the data I had backed up and the expense of replacing the laptop. This place charges a relatively high rate for rooms that are simply not safe. The food is pretty poor too.
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