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  • Do not be fooled by The Silver Jubilee's website, with its 3 stars and the words 'stay in luxury'... we made the mistake of thinking this was a good place to stay! We were wrong! We arrived and 'Judith' seemed put out and told us she was 'having her dinner'!?? Then when we were politely waiting to be asked our names she said 'I'll need some sort of name??' in a patronising manner. She took us to our room, and proceeded to explain a lot of stuff about the area that we didn't need to know rather than explaining anything about the room! We found out from the booklet in the room,not from Judith, that the sheets and towels are washed once a week!!!! ('doing their bit for the environment!??), this disgusted us, it meant they were not washed at all during our stay!! We found out the hard way that the extractor fan in the bathroom did not turn off automatically when my friend couldn't sleep and had to balance on the toilet seat in the early hours of the morning to turn it off herself. The shower had no shelf, so you're left holding your shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, or putting it on the floor though there's barely any room to bend to pick it up! When I tried to rest my Christian Dior shower gel on what lookedl ike a ledge higher up, I found it was not a ledge and it dropped to stay forever down the back of the shower wall! One day we returned to the B &B to find our bedroom door wide open with my open suitcase in line with it - and neither Judith nor Andrew anywhere to be seen! I was furious! Our advice is stay well clear of this place, you will not experience a 3-star Hotel where you 'stay in luxury' - you will get a 2-star equivolent B&B which to put it nicely is very basic! You've been warned!!!
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