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  • STAY AWAY!the only reason i stayed there was because they offer a cheap rental car service for guests of the hotel only. i had a confirmed booking for the rental car for about 60 Euros per day and i asked especially to stay in the travel inn not the guesthouse pavi (which is the same chain) for 2 nights.when we got there we saw a big poster that rental cars cost 80 Euros per day and the owner wouldnt even discuss about it on eat or die basis (well when you booked all in advance in high season there is probably no choice...) - the owner is known for being very rude!when coming back for the second night, 4 days later( i didnt had time to change the booking ) the owner suddenly told us the booking at the travel inn doesnt exist any more (he obviously crossed it out in his diary) and he told us the only possibility is guesthouse pavi (which is horrible) for a cheaper rate which wasn a cheaper rate...well what could we do? at least we managed to get an alternative to the rental car got it somehwere else which was so much more trustworthy.worst hotel experience i ever had!
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