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  • LOCK YOUR ITEMS IN THE SAFEWhile the rooms are nice and the staff pleasant enough, you should consider other options before booking at the Barceló. We were at the Atanea Mar in Barcelona and had $140 cash in US Dollars pilfered from a hidden spot in our bags. OK, I know we should have put it in the safe. The jewelry and passports went in the safe, but after not sleeping on the flight over, I was a little delirious. What made this clever is that I had a total of US$375 in the envelope and would not have noticed had I not counted it. After it was stolen, the clerk determined that the room was only accessed by the housekeeper. I spent 4 hours over the course of 2 days making a police report only to have the manager of the hotel shrug his shoulders and say "what can we do? It is not our legal responsibility." And to add insult to injury, they did not give us our requested wake up call on the morning of our flight departure. Their excuse was they didn't have a record of the clerk making a notation. Thank you captain obvious. The alarm clock on the cell phone saved us.If you value your possessions, and want to make your flight out of town, DO NOT STAY AT THE BARCELÓ ATANEA MAR. While the staff will be pleasant, your possessions may not be safe. And bring an alarm clock.
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