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Sopwell House Hotel

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Sopwell House Hotel

hot stone massages and all the spa options you could need

“Silky, warm, flat stones skim your body as the ESPA aroma, hot stone massage, fixes snags in the bodies natural energy centres.”

The Sopwell House spa, run by Sheila Sheridan, has extensive, private treatment rooms filled with gleaming Clarins and ESPA bottles. Here, relaxation pilgrims are welcomed and asked to de robe. As clothes un-peel, guests prepare to forget their worries: an ESPA treatment affords pleasure, which is sometimes a stranger in every day life, leaving the recipient in a deeply relaxed state.

I tried the ESPA Hot Stone Massage and ESPA Eye Treatment. As is usual with ESPA, guests smell and select the oils they like best which tell a story about their bodies needs. The hot stone therapy, I was told, is ideal for stress, drawing away excess energy and bringing new energy where needed. The eye treatment works well for contact lense and glasses wearers. The treatments wound stress back to a comforting place and afterwards a dip in the pool; some steam and sauna put the satisfied seal on the enjoyable day. It left only one thing to do: prop my head up on a comfy chair, order a herbal tea in the lounge and claim to be resting my eyes, should the tea arrive by surprise.

The Spa at Sopwell House,
Cottonmill Lane, St Albans,
Hertfordshire AL1 2HQ

Tel: 01727 750427 or 510
Email: spa AT

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