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  • I and my husband planned a three day visit to Kandy and planned to stay in Amaya Hills. Since I am pregnant I wanted a peaceful stay in a Kandy. To our great shock the manager Mr. Manager charged us much higher per room saying that it is a deluxe room, and when I inquired with the staff at Amaya Hills I came to know that there are no rooms such as deluxe room or standard rooms, all rooms are same in the hotel . Further I also contacted a travel agent who quoted only very less for the same room. When I asked Mr. Manager regarding this matter he bluntly and rudely said that this is a hotel business and that you will have to pay the higher charge irrespective of the service and the type of room. The room was pathetic and smelly and two single beds were joined for a couple which was a bad idea. The food was average and less variety. Over all it was a humiliating experience at Amaya Hills and we cut short our visit in the hotel. Did not get value for money. I would never recommend it to anyone. I should add that the staff is quite good excluding the manager.
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